The Blood Bag Project


The Blood Bag project is a Craftivist textile art projected that aims to raise awareness of the rare blood condition Diamond Blackfan Anaemia.

Diamond Blackfan Anaemia is a rare genetic blood disorder affecting around 700 people worldwide. The bone marrow condition prohibits red cell production. As a result, patients must receive regular blood transfusions to survive.

The Project began in 2012 and is inspired by my young niece, Chloe, who suffers from the condition. Chloe has blood transfusions every 3-4 weeks, receiving her first two whilst still in the womb. Eventually, Chloe will require a bone marrow transplant.

The project aims to educate audiences about DBA, encourage blood donation and change viewer’s perception of blood bags. Often the initial response to the words ‘blood bag’ is that they are ‘morbid’ – but for Chloe and others who require blood transfusions, they are a very positive symbol representative of life. Textiles are a tactile and softening medium that help facilitate the breakdown of this misconception.

The Blood Bag Project asks participants to create their own textile ‘blood bag’ using the template provided and fabrics of their own choice and submit it to the project once complete. Through the process of making, contributors can help understand why blood donation is so important and encourage others to do so too.

To find out more or get involved, visit the projects website!