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Work In Progress – Chloe’s New Stem Cells (2023)

When Chloe is born, she has a rare blood disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia. This means her bone marrow does not make it’s own red blood cells and she relies on blood transfusions every 2-3 weeks to stay alive. At the age of 12, after many years of searching for a bone marrow donor, Chloe is finally able to have her stem cell transplant. ‘Chloe’s New Stem Cells’ is a picture book aimed at children aged 8-12 who may be undergoing, or may someone who will be undergoing, a bone marrow transplant.

Original characters come to life through free hand machine embroidery techniques and fibre. The emotional potency of cloth and textiles allows this difficult to approach topic to be physically softened and given a comfortable aesthetic.

Children are given a guide on what happens before, during and after a stem cell transplant to help them understand what to expect. They learn what is going on inside the body, as well as the changes they should expect in their day to day.

Story Quilt Concept Idea – The Nightshade Family (2022)

The Nightshade family are a chosen family on monsters, who provide the beginning for a potential story quilt. Through stitch based workshops, children get to grips with embroidery techniques, connect with textiles and develop ideas through storytelling and illustration.

A DIY zine helps the participants get to know each family member, design a family crest and begin the consider what stories the characters might have to tell!

Children who experience a variety of gender expression, race and disability can find themselves represented within the family, with the potential to create and include new characters just like themselves.

Paper Cuts (2022)

A demonstration of paper cut and collage pieces created through my MA Illustrations studies.

Paper and card are hand painted before being hand cut and glued to form intricate and stylised illustrations.

3D Storytelling (2022-2023)

Taking 2D illustration and moving into 3D objects ranging from soft plushies to clay. The Chloe doll (image 2) and Cecil (image 3) were created to work alongside ‘Chloe’s New Stem Cells’. The doll utilises magnets to allow for interchangeable facial expressions and hair to move through Chloe’s medical experiences.

If you have an ideas, queries or commissions for illustrations, please contact me via the contact form.