Can I get a custom portrait of a pet? If so, where do I buy one?
Yes!! I only open my orders once a month, and get booked up within approx. 24-48 hours. If the listing in my store is currently ‘SOLD OUT’, it is because I’m currently fully booked for that particular month. I always announce future spot openings over on my Instagram.

How much do custom pet portraits cost?
Single pet with name banner- £60
Double pet portrait with name banner – £90

5″ x 7″ unframed detailed large portrait with name banner – £200

Does my portrait have to be a patch?
Nope – If you would prefer your pet’s portrait to be framed I can leave the fabri uncut – just add a note at checkout to let me know!

Will you provide a frame?
Everyone has different taste, so I like to leave the framing part up to you! Plus, the extra weight and packaging of a frame increases postage costs and risk of breakage/damage in the mail.

Do I get a discount if I buy more than one portrait?
Unfortunately not – no matter how many portraits you order, each will have the same amount of time, care and attention given to it – my prices are reflective of quality, time and skill. Every portrait is made BY HAND and takes many hours of work. However, it is more cost effective to buy a double portrait, rather than two separate portraits (see prices above).

Where should I send my pets photographs?
Please send all reference images to leighlalovesyou@gmail.com – this helps keep everything in one place, as it can get confusing if I have them in emails or DM’s on social media. The best pet references are photographs taken in natural day light, with the animals face straight on!

Can I customise my patch more?
Yes! If you want additional imagery on the patch (e.g. flowers), I can work with you to create a design just how you want – Just email me before placing your order! Additional fees apply and vary dependent on design.

How long should I expect to wait for my patch?
I book up one month in advance. This means waiting periods will be between 3-4 weeks before it is dispatched. It may be sooner, depending on your orders place in the queue! I message every customer with their queue position and expected dispatch date. Arrival of your patch after dispatch depends on where in the world you are! UK customers can expect it within 2 working days, International waiting periods range from 5-15 working days.

Do you ship to my country?
Yes! I send all custom orders tracked and signed for globally!

Do you accept returns?
I do not accept returns on any custom items.